Subtleties of Life

Subtleties of Life

I wonder who sits in that chair…



“Grammar is the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit”

– Seen on a campervan today.


I lol’d.

Mural on grain silos

In the town of Brim, Victoria.

There’s a set of abandoned silos just like these in my home town. I wonder…

Just a thought: there’s other places where this has been done, but with a totally different approach: bright colours, whimsical characters.

This piece in Brim is, I think, eminently relevant to the local community, and therefore respectful – paying homage to local legends, who I have little doubt were great, friendly, caring and honest people.

Bright, whimsical, hipster caricatures are nice – but would be more at home in the pages of a coffee table book in a city cafe than on the immense concrete grain silos of a rural Australian farming town with population of 100.

The place where I grew has a signposted population of 50 people. In my time I saw the silos used less frequently as the 90s gently ebbed into the 2000s.

Now they appear permanently decommissioned and reflect the (lack of) cropping success in the immediate area.

They stand, silent, looming, massive, but unintimidating. Somewhat like the wake of a great friend or humble neighbour; that lasting effect growing in magnitude and significance as time yawns on. That effect they have on the people they interact with.

The times shared, the bonds forged.

Growing in the hearts of those touched by their kindness.

Growing long after they pass from this mortal coil.


Microscopic planets

So I found this interesting the other day.

This is a photo of a microscopic critter that dwells within a standpipe at my I work; which is a fish farm. The image isn’t great but it’s as seen through the barrel of a microscope.


I’d like to identify this critter. I thought I’d send it through the Google reverse-image search and see what similar images are floating around on the internet. Here’s a screenshot of that:

(please don’t eat me Google)


I’m quite intrigued by the outcome.


The mighty Gooroo has spoken. All is one!

From the tiniest animalcule to the mightiest of gas giant, all is one.



The standpipe