Are we entering a new age of fascism?

Scary thoughts in scary minds.

I think our democracy should progress. Frankly I wonder why it ever stopped. How many of our elected leaders have done anything to further the cause of democracy itself in our own country? Somewhere short of the list of elected officials that vote yes to their own, frequently recurring pay-rises I’m sure. I strongly feel that forms of representative democracy, varying in disconnectedness, cannot be the pinnacle, peak, end or epitome of social evolution. We can go further, and perhaps, we must.

Imagine if you could choose where your tax dollars went directly? As a percentage of your total tax payment. This could be done as part of your tax return. You could guide the decisions of where the cash you pay flows. Passionate about improving the education system? Signify that 40% of your taxes go to education.

Imagine the implications.

This sort of thing, and vastly greater things still, is quite possible to realise. With the technology we currently possess, the software and hardware engineering, design and cryptography knowledge we profess, and the know-how we can seek to collaborate, such a system could be created to facilitate these goals, and see in real-time and utmost, mathematical confidence that it’s done, and cannot be undone. Pure transparency.

Many current and emerging projects are being developed using the same basic concept, but I am unaware of any specifically geared toward the facilitation of improving democracy.





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