Coffee hovercraft

Last night I bought a coffee from Krispy Kreme. It was shit.

Today I saw a man driving in a ute, towing a hovercraft.

What about you?


Are we entering a new age of fascism?

Scary thoughts in scary minds.

I think our democracy should progress. Frankly I wonder why it ever stopped. How many of our elected leaders have done anything to further the cause of democracy itself in our own country? Somewhere short of the list of elected officials that vote yes to their own, frequently recurring pay-rises I’m sure. I strongly feel that forms of representative democracy, varying in disconnectedness, cannot be the pinnacle, peak, end or epitome of social evolution. We can go further, and perhaps, we must.

Imagine if you could choose where your tax dollars went directly? As a percentage of your total tax payment. This could be done as part of your tax return. You could guide the decisions of where the cash you pay flows. Passionate about improving the education system? Signify that 40% of your taxes go to education.

Imagine the implications.

This sort of thing, and vastly greater things still, is quite possible to realise. With the technology we currently possess, the software and hardware engineering, design and cryptography knowledge we profess, and the know-how we can seek to collaborate, such a system could be created to facilitate these goals, and see in real-time and utmost, mathematical confidence that it’s done, and cannot be undone. Pure transparency.

Many current and emerging projects are being developed using the same basic concept, but I am unaware of any specifically geared toward the facilitation of improving democracy.




The timepiece

At the present, I’m working at a Barramundi farm.

When I started in February 2016, I found I needed to keep an eye on the time throughout the day. I don’t keep my phone with me while I work as it would get soaked and die within the first few minutes. One particular day early in the piece, my boss became quite irate because I didn’t leave work on time. Yes: I worked a bit of unpaid overtime and my boss was upset. He’s a good guy. I told my partner about this little incident during our afternoon phone call (as I had to move away to take the job). Next time I saw her it was my birthday and she had bought me a waterproof watch as a gift.

It’s been a good watch, a very thoughtful present. I’ve never really worn one before. Sure, it’s a very handy device to have while I work. But, when I get home at the end of the day, it feels so good to take it off – liberating. Physically, my wrist feels lighter, freer and less restricted: a reflection of my mind. Psychologically, the oppression of the linear progression of time, meted out second-by-reductionist-second melts away; the pounding drum of time=money fades into the distance as I undo the band and quietly place the watch on the table. I am ever-so-slightly me again: calmer, more present. Slightly more in tune with the actual rhythm of life rather than the imposed abstract human rhythms of the second, the minute, the hour, the work day.

A thoughtful gift, symbol of love and kindness.

An inevitable burden. Industrial time.

Time instead well spent, to step, to stop, to smile and smell the sea foam.

I said to myself, if nothing changes, I will leave this job when the watch stops working. A superstitious link forged between the object and the life.

When it breaks is it trying to tell me something?

Can it be? Just so I can get on with it?

Or a way to avoid the burden of making a choice that could possibly go bad?

I would like a more challenging job

The watch has four buttons, and when you push the one on the lower left, it beeps.

Today marked a checkpoint on the infinite descent into deeper entropy:

the beeping stopped.

I paused.

The day I’m let go could be closer than I think.