A word came up, from the depths of memory, while I cleaned Barramundi tanks today.

It was quite persistent, making its presence well known in my mind for some time.

But what does it mean?

I didn’t know. I couldn’t stop and look it up either because I had work to do.

This sort of thing happens to me from time to time.

A word that I’ve picked up somewhere along the way gets etched in my memory and suddenly hops back into the forefront of my mind. No obvious cue or association precedes it. No cause prior to the effect and no meaning attached, just the word.The string of letters and the pronunciation.

All there, like a title card, but sans any particular significance — except its presence and the curiosity it invokes.

Today ‘platyhelminth‘ manifested in the meat attic between my ears

So what does it mean?

I didn’t know at the time, but I have since found out.

I did have a vague feeling that it had something to do with the ocean.

The platyheminthes are a taxonomic phylum: the flatworms.

Some are found in aquatic environments, the oceans, rivers, swamps, puddles. Others are found in the digestive system of other animals. A few are terrestrial dwelling creatures that inhabit leaf-litter and other shady, humid environments.

Here’s an article about researchers studying planarian flatworms in order to understand their amazing regenerative biology